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Track Base For Transitions

     Track Base is used to secure your transitions to the subfloor and keep them in place. Track base is available in vinyl and aluminum, depending on the type you need. All track base must be attached to the subfloor with adhesive, nails, or screws.

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Johnsonite Vinyl Track Base CDB-00-A Pinless Aluminium Track Base Aluminium Track Base with Pins
Style: Vinyl Track Base Style: Pinless Aluminium Track Base Style: Aluminium Track Base w/ Pins
Manufacturer: Johnsonite Manufacturer: Manufacturer:
Length: 12 foot lengths Length: 4 foot sections Length: 4 foot sections
Uses: Can be used instead of Pinless Aluminium Track Base. Flexible, and can be used for curved transitions when slots are cut out of the insert base. Uses: Used for straight runs of transition strips. Can be used with any type of flooring Except stretched carpeting. Uses: Generally used for Stretched Carpeting Only. Used for straight runs of transition strips.


Aluminum Track Base With Pins
Master SKU: Pin-TRK
Use this aluminum floor track base with pins when installing a snap-in molding and need to transition from stretched carpeting. Track base with pins must be nailed down.

Our price: $5.30
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Pinless Aluminum Track Base
Master SKU: NoPin-TRK
Use this pinless metal track base with snap in flooring transition strips and glue down carpet or flooring. It is recommended that this track base be secured with nails to the sub floor.

Our price: $4.99
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Johnsonite Vinyl Track Base
Master SKU: CDB-00-A
Use this vinyl track base for Snap-in T-Molding installations when transitioning between two types of flooring. This track base must be secured by either nails or an adhesive.

Our price: $17.69
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