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Cove Base

 Johnsonite Cove Base
2.5 Inch Johnsonite Vinyl Cove Base
2.5" Vinyl
Cove Base
4 Inch Johnsonite Vinyl Cove Base
4" Vinyl
Cove Base
6 Inch Johnsonite Vinyl Cove Base
6" Vinyl
Cove Base

Here you will find vinyl cove base in 2.5, 4 inch & 6 inch height, .080 inch and 1/8 inch thickness, various lengths and rich colors. All in one place. Johnsonite manufactures top quality cove base that will last for years through everyday wear and tear. If you cannot find the product that you are searching for, please call Cove Base and Transitions at 866-258-1554. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.


Johnsonite Color Sample Chain Set
Master SKU: JOH-Chain-Set

Johnsonite Color Sample Chain Set is a great idea for those who are not sure what color Covebase is needed for any residential or commercial project!

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Covebase Color Samples
Master SKU: Sample
Here you can order individual 1in x 1in color samples of any Johnsonite color we have to offer. Physical samples are the best way to know exactly what color you'll be getting!

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