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Johnsonite Edge Guards


Johnsonite EG-XX-G Edge Guard Carpet Trim For 5/16" Glued-Down Carpet
Master SKU: EG-XX-G

Johnsonite EG-XX-G Edge Guard for 5/16 " thick glue-down carpet. Johnsonite products are an economical choice for your transition needs.

Our price: $23.09
Johnsonite EG-XX-H Edge Guard Carpet Trim For 1/4" Glued-Down Carpet
Master SKU: EG-XX-H

1 9/32" Johnsonite Edge Guard transition reducer for transitioning 1/4" carpet to flush flooring. Available in a variety of colors to cater your unique installation needs.

Our price: $23.09
Johnsonite EG-XX-J Edge Guard Carpet Trim For 3/16" Glued-Down Carpet
Master SKU: EG-XX-J

1 1/16" transition reducer for 3/16" carpet. Easily transition to flush flooring with Johnsonite Edge Guard, available in a variety of colors and profiles.

Our price: $20.69
Johnsonite EG-XX-K Edge Guard Trim For 3/16" Carpet
Master SKU: EG-XX-K

Edge Guard floor reducer for transitioning from 3/16" carpet or artificial grass to flush flooring.

Our price: $14.19
Johnsonite EG-XX-L Edge Guard Trim For 5/16" Carpet
Master SKU: EG-XX-L

Bevel-edge floor reducer for transitioning from 5/16" carpet to flush flooring - great for wheel chair accessible spots.

Our price: $21.39
Johnsonite EG-XX-W Edge Guard Carpet Trim For 3/8" Glued-Down Carpet
Master SKU: EG-XX-W

Protect your carpet edge while providing gentle floor transition between 3/8" carpet and flush floor.

Our price: $43.19
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