Johnsonite Reducers

Find unmatched durability and long-lasting safety in high traffic areas and wheel chair accessible spots with Johnsonite Reducers. These flooring reducers use high quality additives and colorants that meet the performance and design requirements of the ADA, ensuring a safer transition between floors of different heights. Available in Johnsonite standard colors.


Johnsonite CRS-XX-A Flooring Reducer Transition Strip
Master SKU: CRS-XX-A

Flooring reducer for flush to 1/4" flooring. This transition strip is 1 1/2" wide and 12 feet long. Allows you to easily transition between two flooring heights.

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Johnsonite CRS-XX-B Flooring Reducer Transition Strip
Master SKU: CRS-XX-B

Johnsonite flush to 3/8" flooring reducer. 1 1/2" wide. Will gently transition from one flooring surface to another.

Our price: $28.99
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Johnsonite CRS-XX-D Flooring Reducer Transition Strip
Master SKU: CRS-XX-D

Flush to 1/2" flooring reducer. 2" wide piece for gently transitioning between flooring surfaces.

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Johnsonite SSR-XX-B Vinyl Binder Bar - 35 Foot
Master SKU: SSR-XX-B

1 5/8" wide binder bar edging for gentle transition from 1/16" to 1/8" resilient flooring material.

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Johnsonite RRS-XX-B Resilient Floor Reducer Strip - 3 Foot
Master SKU: RRS-XX-B

Reducer for resilient floor to flush (subfloor). Purchase this 1 1/8" wide transition to easily and quickly transition between flooring materials of different height.

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Johnsonite RRS-XX-C Resilient Floor Reducer Strip - 3 Foot
Master SKU: RRS-XX-C

Safeguard flooring surfaces at home or work with this 1 1/4" wide reducer for 1/8" resilient floor to flush (subfloor) transition strip.

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Johnsonite RRS-XX-D Resilient Floor Reducer Strip - 25 Foot
Master SKU: RRS-XX-D

Johnsonite carpet reducer for subfloor to 1/8" resilient floors, creates a safe and smooth flooring transition for wheeled traffic. 1 1/4" wide, 25' roll.

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